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Align + Shine physical Therapy is based in Wilmington, dE.
Our location: 1901 W 11th St., Wilmington, dE 19805. we also offer services at your location.

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The Cairn (a balanced stack of stones) represents our similar parts finding balance in a unique way through our integrative, therapeutic approach.

Our founder

Joanne Ambrogi, MSPT. For over two decades, Joanne Ambrogi has worked with bodies and minds of all shapes, ages and sizes. More about Joanne.

Our Philosophy

We want to help you align and shine. Finding balance in your physical and mental health is our passion. We look forward to working with you.

We are passionate about your body + mind

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Happy Clients

  • Joanne's uniquely holistic approach to physical therapy incorporates best medical practices with spirituality, striking a balance both therapeutic and gratifying.

    Micahel - 55
  • I'm a serious HS rowing athlete and Joanne is an amazing resource. She has seen me through both middle and high school sports and is FUN to work with.

    Max - 17
  • Joanne Ambrogi is the most skilled and compassionate massage therapist, fitness trainer, and physical therapist I have ever known.

    Jennifer Baust- R.N., L.Ac (acupuncturist)
  • Joanne’s ability to diagnose a problem and then create a solution make her essential to my health. She is a treasure!

    Ben Thomas - 75
  • Joanne’s skill and compassion enrich my life.
    Without a doubt, she truly is incomparable.

    Carol Thomas - 75

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Phone: 610.368.1006
Email: joanne@alignandshinept.com

Our Location

1901 W 11th St.
Wilmington, DE 19805
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